Nude is nude. It’s the context in which we view nudity that changes it from what it is; the human body. Recreated by ourselves, in many different cultures, in many different contexts, nudity has become humanity’s greatest cover up.

Bought to you by Scarlett Productions and Red Bennies, Nude is a show about being nude. Or, more accurately, about not being allowed to be nude. Positioned within the realm of art, performance, social commentary and sex, Nude explores the tantalisingly thin boundaries between what is natural, artistic, overt, and shocking.

The peak of the show sits erect like an aroused nipple, asking audiences: why can’t the costume be the nude form?

Nude will deliver an outstanding cast within an interactive venue, presented to you by prominent Melbourne speakers with an equal passion for all things nude. It’s a vocal yet light-hearted take on that which is beautiful and daring, raising the bar in live entertainment, burlesque and circus.